Need Help!

Need Help!

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to help someone install additional UniFi APs in his apartment. Currently, there is a ONT/modem inside a server rack. This server rack connects to 4 LAN ports in the living room and three bedrooms. The setup we're trying to achieve will involve one UDM and 3 U6-Lites, so he also wants a UniFi PoE Switch. Normally, this would be a pretty straightforward setup, with ONT > UDM > USW > U6. But here's the tricky part. He would like the aesthetic of the UDM to shine in his living room. I have some ideas, but I'm not sure of one that will definitely work, so might as well ask you guys. I've created a diagram so you can visualize this better.

Basically, how do we best connect the switch through the LAN-Out of the UDM, which would then split the traffic and give the PoE to the U6 Lites? Another switch before the UDM (after the LAN port) perhaps? Any other recommendations? Thanks guys!

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