Features Matrix for TACOS tools

I'm working through a product evaluation for TACOS tools and am looking to score the various players in this space against each other. This product area is so new there's nothing out there in terms of Gartner reports, etc. which are typically a go-to for selling stuff to senior leadership. I've got a list of features that I've compiled that I'd like to run past the community here and see if anything thinks I've missed anything. If anyone knows of an existing feature matrices floating around I'd appreciate a heads up.

Note this is focused exclusively on product features. Other boilerplate criteria such as support plans, vendor maturity, licensing cost, etc. are out of scope for the purposes of this post. (yes, I will be taking those things into account)


End User Self Service Provisioning Portal

Private Module Registry

  • Module / Version whitelist for end users
  • Out of the box provisioning templates
  • Module Versioning

Centralized Execution Environment

  • SaaS Agent
  • Self Hosted Agent (VM)
  • Self Hosted Agent (Kubernetes)
  • Concurrent execution
  • Scheduled executions
  • Event triggered executions
  • API triggered executions
  • Ad-hoc executions

Policy Engine

  • Open Policy Agent
  • Proprietary (Sentinel et al.)
  • Enforcement Levels (Warn, Override, Block)
  • Policy As Code
  • Retroactive Evaluation of Existing Resources

VCS Integration

  • GitHub SaaS
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • GitLab SaaS
  • GitLab Enterprise
  • Azure Devops
  • Azure Devops Server
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • BitBucket Data Center
  • Via agent or via public internet?

Cost Estimation

Collaboration Tool Integration

  • Slack (Native)
  • Teams (Native)
  • Generic Webhook
  • ITSM tooling / Service Now (Change, Incident, Request)

Cloud Provider Integration

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM
  • VMWare (Private Cloud)
  • Oracle


  • As Code (Terraform Provider)
  • As Code (VCS integrated)
  • API / CLI
  • Provisioning Portal UI

Hosting Options

  • SaaS
  • Self-Hosted

Workspace / Stack

  • VCS Integrated
  • Local \ CLI
  • Pre \ Post Hooks
  • GitHub Merge Request Integration
  • GitLab Merge Request Integration
  • Plan review / approval prior to apply (RBAC integrated)
  • Remote State File Management
  • Project / Collection scoped
  • Environment variables (at different scopes)


  • Change tracking for all objects (workspaces, policies, etc.)
  • Provisioning Portal activity

User Authentication / Authorization

  • SSO (SAML, oAuth, LDAP)
  • RBAC
  • Predefined roles
  • Custom roles
  • Groups
  • Organizations
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