pkger 0.4.0 released! RPM, DEB and PKG building tool that utilizes docker now with more features and bugs fixed

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share the latest release of pkger with you all. Perhaps some of you haven't heard of it and might be interested in checking it out.

Last time I posted here the version was 0.2.0. Since then a few bugs have been fixed and features added. As an example the recipe syntax got changed to YAML from TOML, it's way more readable with more complex structures and takes up a lot less space vertically. Another big feature is GPG signing of DEB and RPM packages. Currently it's done by importing the GPG key to the container but there is a plan to move to a more secure approach which is to forward the GPG agent socket to the container.

For a full changelog check out this link.

Here is the GitHub repository:
And the user's guide:

Feel free to contact me or report any issues :) Thanks for hearing me out!

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