Local AD migration to Azure AD

I've been asked to figure out how to move our users and devices from or local AD to Azure AD and then get rid of the local AD and any traces of it. Bit of background, all users emails and data is in 365\SharePoint\one drive and we have two on premise domain controllers

In the research I have done so far it would seem that i would need to:

  1. Setup Intune and Autopilot so that i can manage and add devices to Azure AD
  2. Get the hardware Hash of our current laptops and workstations and add these into Autopilot
  3. sysprep the device so it goes through the autopilot process to add any policies, settings or apps i want to be on the users devices. In doing this i would also remove and traces of the local AD and the devices would be Azure AD joined rather than Azure AD registered.
  4. Then change user accounts from Synced Identity to cloud only

This would then give me and Azure AD with my users and devices in it and i can then basically switch off my local AD as there will be no need for it.

does anyone know if this is this the best way to do it or is there a way i can do it with out having to sysprep the devices?

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