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In my Xamarin.Forms project, I saw that the FirebaseAuthentication.Net package can be used for the cross-platform project. How would I get the current user's UID with this? I have figured out how to get the current user's email by saving the firebase refresh token and using NewtonSoft.JSON, but am not sure how to do this with the id.

Here's what I have so far:

var authProvider = new FirebaseAuthProvider(new FirebaseConfig(WebAPIKey));

var savedfirebaseauth = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Firebase.Auth.FirebaseAuth>(Preferences.Get("FirebaseRefreshToken", ""));
var RefreshedContent = await authProvider.RefreshAuthAsync(savedfirebaseauth);
Preferences.Set("FirebaseRefreshToken", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(RefreshedContent));
string UsersEmailToDisplay = savedfirebaseauth.User.Email;

Please let me know if any more clarification of my question is needed.

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