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    private void btnShow_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int Multiplication = Convert.ToInt32(txtMultiplication.Text);
        int Fnum = Convert.ToInt32(txtFnum.Text);
        int Tnum = Convert.ToInt32(txtTnum.Text);

        txtOutput.Text = "";
        for (Multiplication = 0; Fnum <= Tnum; Fnum++)
            output = output + Multiplication;
            res = Multiplication * Fnum;
            if (Fnum <= Tnum)
        } // while Fnum <= Tnum

        txtOutput.Text = output;
    } // end method

I have 3 textboxes in layout. First, I change textbox string to interger. Second, I need to make loop(Fnum to Tnum). The question is I do not know how to make loop in this question.

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