Microsoft.TeamFoundation Attempting to link AreaPath with Team

I'm building an interface via C# to Azure Devops via the Microsoft.TeamFoundation libraries. We're importing this data into our warehouse so that we can integrate high level summary information from our Azure Devops boards into our VP's daily dashboard - things like story points per team, total backlog assigned, etc.

The issue is that I need to find the link between an assigned work item, like a Feature, UserStory, etc. and the Team associated with it. From my understanding, a Team is associated with a work item via their assigned Area Paths. I can use Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Core.WebApi.TeamHttpClient to obtain the list of teams, I can use Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.WebApi.WorkItemTrackingHttpClient to obtain the area paths, but what do I need to use to get the currently assigned links between the Team and their assigned AreaPaths?



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