Filter dictionary in pyspark with key names

Newbie in pyspark. Given a dictionary like column in a dataset, I want to grab the value from a key given that the value from another key is satisfied.

Example: Say I have a column 'statistics' in a dataset, where each data row looks as:

0: {"hair": "black", "eye": "white", "metric": "feet"}
1: {"hair": "blue", "eye": "white", "metric": "m"}
2: {"hair": "red", "eye": "brown", "metric": "feet"}
3: {"hair": "yellow", "eye": "white", "metric": "cm"}

I want of get the value of 'eye' whenever hair is 'black'

I tried:

filter(, x -> x == "black") as Eyecolor
from arrayData

but I'm unable to grab the value for eye, please assist.

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