How to get the CPU cycle count in x86_64 from C++?

I saw this post on SO which contains C code to get the latest CPU Cycle count:

CPU Cycle count based profiling in C/C++ Linux x86_64

Is there a way I can use this code in C++ (windows and linux solutions welcome)? Although written in C (and C being a subset of C++) I am not too certain if this code would work in a C++ project and if not, how to translate it?

I am using x86-64


Found this function but cannot get VS2010 to recognise the assembler. Do I need to include anything? (I believe I have to swap uint64_t to long long for windows....?)

static inline uint64_t get_cycles()
  uint64_t t;
  __asm volatile ("rdtsc" : "=A"(t));
  return t;


From above code I get the error:

"error C2400: inline assembler syntax error in 'opcode'; found 'data type'"

Could someone please help?

Read more here:

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