How do I see that there is a conflict in the LR(0) items automata?

There is something I don't fully get about the LR(0). I'm trying to figure out when grammar is not LR(0). As I understand I build the LR(0) items automata. Then I need to look for conflict. But I don't think that I fully understand when there is a conflict between two items in the LR(0) items automata. Is it possible to clear things up about this part? When do I know is there a conflict in the LR(0) items automata? Would be helpful to see an example or two (not for the grammar itself, rather for two items that have a conflict off some kind).

For example for:

S ::= T C
T ::= char
T ::= int
C ::= [ num ] C
C ::= ''

I get:

enter image description here

Why is there a conflict between 4 and 8?

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