React Native – Debug device doesnt connect to dev server

Ok, so here is my situation:

  • First, im trying to connect to my dev server using a device, not an emulator
  • My notebook is at (wi-fi), and my device is in the same wi-fi
  • My server is a json-server, that i manually set the host also to
  • I set my axios baseURL to the same plus the port 3000 so ""
  • I have my api running, and im certain that it works because i can access it in my browser
  • Now, my problem is that i keep getting that same red screen saying that "Could not connect to development server"
  • I already tried: adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081, setting host for device(""), adding networkSecurityConfig in tag, and also, i already created the network_security_config.xml and added to
  • Is there anything else i can do?

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