Setting up a sliding character in the right way

I would like to try and make a game similar to Altos Adventure. I am having trouble starting.

How to set up the terrain so that my character doesnt get stuck?

I simply drew a test sprite for the ground in photoshop. What collider2d should I use?
I use polygon collider and reduce friction in the material. But the character gets stuck, hits small invisible bumbs and it feels awful. The worst part is connecting 2 ground sprites together! The point where they connect is always messy.

I have a question for the future as well. How would I add the endless part of the game?
Would having many "pieces" set up and just spawning them as the player rides down work?

I havent written any code yet as the problem is simply in the physics in my opinion.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time and tries to help!

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