How do i access CodeCommit in a separate account from Amplify

i am currently trying to implement an Amplify Solution, having a CodeCommit repository in separate Deployment Account and initializing the Amplify resources in the environment (Sandbox) account. As far the setup works with initializig the amplify project in a separate accout. But when i try to add hosting to Amplify, it wants me to connect to my CodeCommit repository. But i cant see any repositories since they are not in the same account. Up to now I tried various approaches with cross-account permissions/policies to allow my account access to CodeCommit in the deployment account but nothing seems to work. It seems every solution to access CodeCommit in another account works with assuming a role, but since Amplify wants me to choose the Repo in the UI i cannot assume a role. There seems to be an open issue on Github, yet no response there.. Is there any way to make this run?



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