How to obtain activity name through UIAutomator2?

I'm building some general testing tool for Android apps and trying to get the activity name (e.g., the can be obtained through UiDevice.currentPackageName, the pain is from the second part) during the testing. This is to say that my tool may test other apps that are not in the same package as mine. For example, testing the stock calculator app.

Here is a list of attempts I have made:

  1. the UiDevice.currentActivityName is deprecated and it does not provide the accurate information
  2. InstrumentationRegistry.getInstrumentation().targetContext.getSystemService<ActivityManager>(), then access the ActivityManager.getRunningTasks(1).get(0).topActivity, which always returns the same value even though the view has switched (and this is deprecated too)
  3. Similar to 2, I tried ActivityManager.getAppTasks().get(0).getTaskInfo().topActivity, but this keeps giving me null
  4. ActivityLifecycleMonitorRegistry.getInstance().getActivitiesInStage(RESUMED). This gives me an empty collection
  5. Application.ActivityLifecycleCallbacks. I registered it with the application, but no callback is received.
  6. (Kinda works, but not perfect) using adb dumpsys activity then find it there. But this way I have to wait for some arbitrary time until the view is updated, otherwise the result is still inaccurate

So I am currently in a cul-de-sac now, and I appreciate any help on this issue. I try to avoid reflection, because as I know it does not work on newer devices. So any clue will be appreciated.

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