How can I give rewards only after successful completion of IAP

I will try and explain my issue as clearly as i can. I have IAP in my app, i am trying to use boolean values to determine if the player should receive rewards or not. I am using this code

self.purchaseExtraRounds = true
self.purchaseRemoveAds = true

but i am not sure where to place it to enable the user to get the rewards only after the purchase has been completed. At the moment wherever i seem to place it, i can click on a IAP and then click cancel and the rewards have been enabled without actually purchasing it. Here is my IAP manager file.

class IAPManager: NSObject {
  static let shared = IAPManager()
    var purchaseExtraRounds = false
    var purchaseRemoveAds = false
  private override init() {
  func getProducts() {
    let request = SKProductsRequest(productIdentifiers: allInAppPurchases)
    request.delegate = self
  func purchase(product: SKProduct) -> Bool {
    if !IAPManager.shared.canMakePayments() {
        return false
    } else {
      let payment = SKPayment(product: product)
    return true

  func canMakePayments() -> Bool {
    return SKPaymentQueue.canMakePayments()

extension IAPManager: SKProductsRequestDelegate, SKRequestDelegate {

  func productsRequest(_ request: SKProductsRequest, didReceive response: SKProductsResponse) {
    let badProducts = response.invalidProductIdentifiers
    let goodProducts = response.products
    if !goodProducts.isEmpty {
      ProductsDB.shared.items = response.products
        print("Good", ProductsDB.shared.items)
    print("Bad", badProducts)
  func request(_ request: SKRequest, didFailWithError error: Error) {
    print("didFailWithError ", error)
    DispatchQueue.main.async {
      print("purchase failed")
    func requestDidFinish(_ request: SKRequest) {
    DispatchQueue.main.async {
      print("request did finish ")

final class ProductsDB: ObservableObject, Identifiable {
  static let shared = ProductsDB()
  var items: [SKProduct] = [] {
    willSet {
      DispatchQueue.main.async {

I have tired placing the code in several places in this file but i’m hitting a wall.

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