The Medium has a new trailer, but this one is live action

This live-action trailer is packed end-to-end with suspense and thrill.

What you need to know

  • The Medium is an exciting psychological horror game coming from industry experts Bloober Team.
  • The game is already set to look incredible on its own, with beautiful effects, graphics, and even ray tracing.
  • However, a new live-action trailer brings the game into the real-life, and the result is absolutely stunning.
  • The trailer was created in collaboration with Platige Image and Oscar nominee Tomasz Bagiński.

As if we weren't already excited enough for Bloober Team's upcoming psychological horror game, the Medium, a new live-action trailer has just dropped that ups the suspense and horror all at once. The new trailer was created in a collaboration between Bloober Team, Platige Image, and Oscar nominee Tomasz Bagiński, and it frankly looks incredible. You can check out the new trailer below and watch it as many times as you need to before you're satisfied.

The live-action trailer showcases how the Medium's terrifying world would translate to real life, and the results can definitely send chills down your spine. We already knew the Medium would look amazing on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and the Medium supports ray-tracing with NVIDIA RTX. That said, seeing it with real people is a whole other feeling.

The Medium launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on January 28, 2021, and is available for pre-order now. There's already plenty of excitement around this game and its innovative "Dual Reality" feature, but (if we're being honest), now I'm just intensely curious about a live-action movie or TV show set in the Medium universe. Am I alone here?

Like with any horror game, the Medium is going to lean heavily on its audio and soundtrack, so make sure you're prepared with one of the Best Headsets for Xbox Series X|S and capture every horrifying noise.

Dimensions of horror

The Medium

Two worlds joined in terror

The Medium is a horror game that lets players go back and forth between the physical world and the spirit world. Using this dual-reality gameplay is necessary for solving puzzles and uncovering a horrific mystery.

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