How to identify the originality of the worksheet?

I have a scenario. I want to create a function that when I run on the active worksheet, I can identify whether the worksheet is original. Original means the worksheet is created by a certain author, and after the author made some final changes and send them to other people. Let's say there are 2 sheets created by the author namely 'First' and 'Second'.

Scenario: Now user Leo wants to add a new sheet, 'Third'. When I run the function it will identify the 'First' and 'Second' as original although both sheets have been modified the 'Third' sheet will be identified as 'Not Original'. Also, when Leo copies the sheet 'First' and pastes it in the same workbook as 'Fourth', 'Fourth' will be identified as 'Not Original'.

Is there any way I can achieve this function with VBA code? Or Excel properties for this kind of scenario? Thank you

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